About Andrea Doven

SCS_0977Born in New york City into a show-business family, Andrea Doven is the daughter of Robert Morse, actor of stage and screen and mother Carole D’andrea, dancer in the original West Side Story, Broadway stage and film.

D70_6939She ran the day to day operation of Odin Films for almost 20 years, responsible for all human resource related functions, provided logistical support for the artist/producer engaged in film productions around the world and more. This involved an abundance of international travel, location establishment, hiring and management of all personnel, and daily coordination with all business management and PR professionals.

Andrea is best known by any/all who have worked for or with her as someone who can “make the trains run”. She can make them run in any industry or organization she joins.

In 2005 she accepted a position at a tech company as the VP Human resources.

Andrea has an extraordinary record of establishing and effectively managing personnel at any level. And to this day she is called upon by professionals in a variety of industries to help them hire and place qualified employees in their organizations.