Andrea Doven: The stay-at-home vacation


Hello again from Execu-Mom!

You have heard a lot lately from Andrea Doven the “Executive” giving you all my hot tips and successful actions hiring personnel.

Now I want to give you some “Execu-Mom” advice!

Some people dream about vacations from their desks… vacations that include white sand beaches and fancy hotels. What I am about to share with all you mothers out there is how to have the best, most inexpensive vacation possible … send your husband/significant other and children away and indulge yourself in a STAYCATION!

As most of you know a working mother has two full time jobs. When the workday ends, your next job begins. I wouldn’t trade my 11 years raising my son and working a full time job with anything. I have loved working hard at work and at home, no complaints! Day-to-day managing and coordinating every aspect of a household is in itself a full time job when done right! Needless to say, your time is not entirely your own, and for the most part you are servicing others.

Last Christmas my husband had to work on the East Coast for 10 days and we decided it would be fun for our son to join him. I decided to stay home and they were gone for 10 days.

Sounds callous to say “send your family away” and probably sounds crazy over the holidays. I was very worried about being lonely and sad in my empty nest.

But it was the best decision.

I ended up doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to, at every given moment of those 10 days… I am going to repeat that because it’s important that you get this… I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to, at every single given moment.

• I woke up when my body wanted to – never to an alarm.
• I decided in the moment whom I wanted to call and hang with and what I wanted to do.
• I did projects around the house that I cannot do with family around.
• I saw any movie I wanted to see at any time of day.
• I cleared out my son’s closet. I can’t easily do that when he’s around – he gets pretty attached to his stuff. I went through his games, toys, equipment, nick-knacks, and donated a lot of it that he never even missed when he returned.
• I walked around my entire house doing the same, putting more and more order in.
• I handled all the backlogged emails I have had sitting unhandled.
• I strolled around my favorite little town (Pacific Palisades) and shopped, ate, and drank excellent coffee all by myself… bliss!
• I went to museums.
• Read for hours in the afternoon and … I napped!
• I exercised when I felt like it.
• I went on long walks and caught up on the phone with friends/family I hadn’t spoken to in a while.

I could really go on and on here…

I plan to do this yearly (or maybe every other). I did this at the beginning of the new year and I felt caught up, organized, well rested, lighter and ready to make S*#!% happen… and I did. New opportunities came my way and I have been far more productive… from a clean slate! The staycation pulled me out of the minutia of my day-to-day grind to a more objective vantage point.

Since this was such a successful action for me, I wanted to share it with any of you in similar shoes as mine. So to all you busy working moms out there, look at your calendar and figure out when your family can go away and leave you at home to rejuvenate!

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