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As a human resources executive, I have been recruiting talent for over 20 years across multiple industries, including Entertainment, Tech/IT & Personal Management.

I am very good at what I do and absolutely love doing it. I love helping people and organizations find the right talent in order that they can expand and operate more efficiently. At the heart of personnel recruitment is a real care for people and a recognition of the inherent talent of each person. I can easily see through any social veneer and sift out the positive and negative attributes.

Here are some of my successful actions to anyone out there looking to hire good talent effectively and efficiently (hiring managers) AND also to anyone trying to get a job (job candidate). This is for both sides!

The interview starts the minute the resume is received by the hiring manager.

It doesn’t start at the first, in-person interview. Hiring managers: your antenna needs to be up, ready and watchful of all the signs, good and bad, that will start revealing themselves to you at the get-go.


DOs and DON’Ts
for Both Sides of the Hiring Table


Was their resume and cover letter successfully uploaded onto the job site?

Does their resume-cover letter have any grammar, alignment or spelling mistakes?

 Does their resume stand out? Is it aesthetic?

 Is their cover letter generic in feel? Does the cover letter feel like a generic corny template they have sent to many job postings? Or does it stand out, and address your specific job posting?

What is the email/phone turn around time when setting up telephone and in-person interviews?

 How professional are the written email communications?

 Were they on time during interview process for all scheduled interviews?

How long did it take for them to understand any directions you gave them on finding the building address and where to park?

 If a video conference interview via Skype was requested were they able to execute this easily or did they have trouble technically, i.e. no camera on computer, unable to navigate on Skype?

Was their set up professional for the Skype interview?

Did they have a copy of their resume to give you at the in-person meeting?

Did they have at least 3 references (people they reported to in past jobs) readily available upon request?

Did they talk on and on when answering your one question or was their answer to the point and did it answer the question?

Did they dress professionally?

What was the handshake like?

Did they look you in the eye when they were being interviewed?

Were they critical of any of the past jobs/employees?

What was the condition of their car? – yep their car!

Was there a follow-up email or card thanking you for the interview and your time?


I’ll be posting a more in-depth look at the above questions, with my thoughts on each.  Stay tuned…

– Andrea Doven

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