Most commonly asked interview questions

You have managed to jump through all of the hoops and now you’ve secured that dreaded job interview.

What now?

In life, there are two types of people; the ones who choke at the interview and ruin their chances of securing that dream job and then there are the ones who rise to the occasion, nailing the interview.

Being prepared for an interview is extremely important, so here are some common interview questions and how best to answer them.

1. Tell me about your past experience doing “X”

The one thing they want to know is; do you have experience doing the job that they are interviewing you for?

So obviously, you need to let the interviewer know that you have plenty.

If you really believe that you can do this job, then sell that and only that.

I have sat in many interviews and listened to people go off on tangents, talking about past job experiences that have nothing to do with the job they are interviewing for. Keep it relevant!

If you don’t have experience yet, then you need to focus on your ability to learn quickly, your hardworking attitude and your motivation. Let them know that this job is your dream job, one you have wanted since you were a little child. Get creative and show them the positive attitude you will bring to the company if you were employed.

2. How would your colleagues describe you?

I always ask: “What would your colleagues say is your best attribute?” and “What would they say is your weakness?” I am not sure if this is a common question but if it is asked just be honest and then let them know what you have been doing to overcome this weakness.

Stay positive about it by explaining that you embrace the opportunity to improve any/all weaknesses! A good attitude will go a long way and set a better impression than just PR’ing yourself. A good hiring manager gets enough PR in interviews.

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