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HOT TIPS for Both Sides of the Hiring Table

I once heard someone say that you could replace the word late with the word inconsiderate.

Example: “I’m so sorry for being 15 minutes inconsiderate.”

It’s really important to be respectful of other people’s schedules, and their time. Especially when it comes to the job interview process.

Setting up telephone and in-person interviews

Do everything you can to make yourself available at the times listed for any interview requested. If you don’t you may lose out on the opportunity.

For instance, the other day I was setting up telephone interviews with 10 candidates that I had chosen from about 60. I gave a time/date frame of Friday or Monday for a telephone interview. The best answer would be “Friday anytime is great for me, please let me know what time is best for you and I will be available”.

The gal that said, “Monday after 430pm” lost out because the girl that I spoke to Friday got an in-person interview on Saturday and will meet the CEO Monday…If you want the job, be available, and don’t add time to the process. When time is added, it sends me a message that you are not hungry.

Be on time. Or even better, be early!

Be early, 10-15 minutes early for any in-person interview. It sends a good message. Do not be late. Do not complain about the traffic, it’s unprofessional, shows a negative attitude and no one wants to hear it.

And for scheduled phone calls / Skype interviews – be on time. If the call is at 3pm, then call at exactly 3:00pm. Not 3:01pm.

Answer questions succinctly and don’t waste time

Really listen to the question being asked and answer that question precisely and succinctly, don’t ramble on.

This is the number one mistake people make in interviews. They are trying too hard or trying to prove themselves, while missing the point, the question. It is annoying in an interview. It wastes time and can cause the hiring manager to be bored and disinterested.

– Andrea Doven

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